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 Department of Life Science


August 1, 2004, the Institute of Life Science (ILS) was first established. Then, on Aug. 1, 2006, Department of Life Science started to recruit students. The department aims to conduct cooperation schemes with research of life science, ecology, agriculture, and biotechnology in domestic and foreign universities, hoping to systematically investigate the life change phenomenon of molecular cells, population and species and ecosystem and their extensional application. The department courses cover three major domains, biotechnology, biodiversity and bioinformatics. The objectives of the department are to establish a firm foundation for life science research, to train independent professional researchers, and to instill macroscopic vision and inter-disciplinary ability in students.
By integrating the industry, government, and academic sectors, the department also hopes to encourage the research and development of marine fish farming, deep ocean water products and related biotechnology as well as biological resources and eco-tours in Taitung district.
The department somehow serves as a platform for communication and upgrades of life science instruction and research in Eastern Taiwan.

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